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Genetic Masterpiece

Vashtiy Alsaudamir
Best Facial Features: Eyes, Nose, and Lips
Her face reflects God’s glory something so beautiful that it can‘t be only describe in words, but if words fail, then her face is evidence of something so unreservedly out of this world. Her face reflects a spontaneous effect in power to influence the beholder of its magnificence. Her face is not noteworthy for common people but for angelic beings but has been placed on earth for common people to be in awe of. Her face is The Face of Deity, ethereal at first glance, sometimes supernatural a phenomenal beauty that leads the eye to infinity a beauty that is so rare it took millions of years to be discovered a beauty that causes the world to stand in incomprehension of its patina.


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous

  2. I think she is the most beautiful woman I have seen.


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