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The Perfect Human Face presents Louis Allen III

If the term "Masculine Perfection" had a face then Louis Allen III would have definitely been one of them. At first glance, he is rudgly handsome with chiseled features, smooth pecan colored skin, green hazel eyes, and a muscular physique to die for. Calling him just handsome is an understatement just yesterday a lady referred to him as a Greek God but to us he is perfection. His face possesses the attributes of timeless facial beauty: Symmetry, Clarity of Skin, Harmony of facial features, and Vivid Skin color. All Photos courtesy of Tibo Norman Photography.
His facial features are beyond gorgeous, sparking eyes, broad jawline, chiseled nose, thick prominent eyebrows, and full lips.
This model-actor-athlete from New Jersey USA has caused women jaws to drop in awe of his physique which requires countless hours in the Gym. To learn more visit his official site -


  1. I want to marry him this is what my dream man looks like.

  2. Sexy as hell ... drooling ...

  3. One of the most handscome men I have ever seen in my life.

  4. Never heard of him but he is HOTTTTTTTTTT

  5. Soo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Out of all those comments I am sure he has heard them all and I sure he knows that he have that look to kill for I am sure he would like to hear for once about his career and goals what motives and drive him to continue to strive for higher goals. If I am off beat Mr. Allen then I apologize because I think that you have more than just your good look going for.

  7. Out of all those comments I am sure he knows he have the looks to kill. For once I am sure he get all of that. but I am sure he would for once like for once to hear some comments about his career and goals. If I am wrong Mr. Allen I apologize .


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