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The Top 5 Most Handsome Arabian Male Faces.

These Arabian Male possess a certain level of exoticness, bewitching eyes, mystery, and grandeur. These faces possess the 4 attributes of the pillars timeless facial beauty -Clarity of skin (unblemished skin), symmetry(1.618), harmony of facial features, and vivid skin color. Here are the top 5 Arabian Male Faces, the male eye candy of the Arabian people well at least 10K of you agreed. Visit our official website -
1. Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Crown Prince of Dubai. I must say being a Handsome baby-faced Prince has it benefits.
2. Waleed Karadsheh, of Jordan. Its all about the eyes having a pair of hypnotic eyes sure has its advantages.
3.Imran Abbas Naqvi Of Pakistan. Being absolutely handsome has its advantages.
4. Fadi Cherry from Saudi Arabia. It pays to have the perfect facial features coupled with raw sex appeal.
5. Muhammad Usman of Dubai. Its all about classic good looks.


  1. Wow! Any, all, any combination! Simply . . . WOW.

  2. Prince Hamdan is the most handsome one.

  3. The prince of dubai is the most handsome and #2 looks so scary


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