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The Perfect Human Face presents Waleed Karadsheh

From the country, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River, and extending into the historic region of Palestine The Perfect Human Face introduces to you, WALEED or الوليد, the Jordanian Singer with the voice of an angel the soothing tones of his eccentric voice can be heard in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Hebrew that unique style brought the attention of many from around the world. Who is this green-eyed wonder? Might I add if you can get passed those mesmerizing green eyes! Which explains why he is on our list for the Top 5 Most Handsome Arabian Men. Our official website - www.theperfecthumanface.com
Born Waleed Karadsheh in Kuwait in 1985 by his Jordanian Father and Lebanese mother which explains his exotic good looks, he moved to Jordan in 1990, at an early age his talent was evident being the top of his academic studies didn't hurt either he graduated from university in 2008, to some he could be considered a triple threat with his unique style of singing, acting, and directing. He was called "The voice of the desert mountains" by an American Researcher. There is definitely more to him then meets the eye. In 2013, there was that controversy involving Waleed who appeared on the Arabic version of the X factor where he was accused of dubbing his voice but that soon was proven to be rubbish as he proved it on a Jordanian TV Channel Ro'ya. On a softer note, what does Waleed do on his private time, other than his love of nature and animals? He studies history, discovering ancient civilizations remaining and religious spots. He continual developes his many talents, he is a jack of all trades, that perfect renaissance entertainer that is lacking so much now-a-days.
It is evident that he believes in a full package performance, just view his videos on youtube he believes as an entertainer who is performing should captivate the audience with voice, dance and looks, not necessarily beauty but with eye contact and their own charm. He has the wow factor that certain Je ne sais Quoi that captivates the the audience with his talent, charms, and mystical good looks that is the charm of Waleed. Last thought.. something I found fascinating other than the obvious was the goal of Waleed is to educate the world more about the middle eastern tones by mixing his voice with world music and world famous western singers. The sky is the limit for this up and coming entertainer, he is a perfect human face but his talent and drive will precede him worldwide. Waleed الوليد is truly Jordan's national treasure. For more forth and coming articles on Jordan's new singing sensation "Waleed" visit our blog and official website - www.theperfecthumanface.blogspot.com /www.theperfecthumanface.com