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The Unique Facial Features of the People around the World.

1. Whites: Any eye color, any hair color, skin color ranging from pale to tan, thin lips, Slim to long noses.
2. Blacks/Africans: Blonde to Black Hair, Skin color Light brown to dark brown, any eye size or shape or color, medium to thick lips, wider blunt noses.
3. Latinas: Any hair color, texture thickness, Any eye shape or color, skintone light tan to medium brown, Thin to medium lips, low bridged noses.
4. Asians: Brown to black hair, monolid/double eyelid small brown/black eyes, Skintone pale with yellow undertones to dark sandy brown, thin to medium lips.
5. Indians/Native American Indians: Brown to black hair, Any color eyes, Skin color Pal to dark brown, thin to full lips, High bridged hook noses.
6. Arabian/or Middle Eastern: Any hair color, any color eyes, skin color beige to brown, thin to full lips, High or low bridged noses.


  1. There are some people that are so beautiful in this world.

  2. God made us all in his image and that is good.

  3. Across the board we are all gorgeous.