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The Correct Eyebrow shape for your Face Shape.

Tracy Do, is a permanent makeup artist. She has practiced in the Beauty industry since 1992 and specialized in micro-pigmentation. With many years of experienced and a passion to the beauty world general, She has helped many woman in achieving their best look that last them for years to come. Permanent Makeup is the process of implanting pigments into the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven to be safe. The fresh look of Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lips will make you look young and beautiful effortlessly without smearing or wash away. Permanent Makeup is much less expensive than any surgery; it lasts longer than any injection, and saves time. To know more about it please visit her website at www.permanentpretty.com
EYEBROWS SOLUTIONS BY TRACY DO OF PERMANENT PRETTY Check the website for more information - http://permanentpretty.wordpress.com/ From the website: EYEBROWS FOR OVAL FACE SHAPE: Goal: maintain this ideal oval face Solution: generally a soft angled eyebrows shape would be best maintain this ideal oval face EYEBROWS FOR LONG FACE SHAPE: Goal: to make a long face appear shorter Solution: a flat eyebrows shape. Its horizontal line would “stop” the viewer from seeing the elongated face, instead makes it appear to be shorter EYEBROWS FOR ROUND FACE SHAPE: Goal: to make round face appear to be longer Solution: a high arch eyebrows shape. Its up & down lines would draw the viewer eye up & down and lengthens it. Creates more vertical lines as you can. Avoid rounded brow as it makes the face more round EYEBROWS FOR SQUARE FACE SHAPE: Goal: To soften/balance the strong jawline Solution: depend on the jawline. Start with the curved eyebrows shape then add more angle to create balance. The stronger and more bony the jawline is the more angled brow shape should be created. A define sharp peak at the top of the brow makes it appear stronger EYEBROWS FOR HEART FACE SHAPE: Goal: to soften/balance the strong pointy chin and maybe the prominent forehead Solution: Forehead maybe the widest of the face. Depend on how prominent of the Forehead, start first with a low arch, round curved brows then add more volume to it as it “adds” more length to the forehead as well as balancing the pointy chin EYEBROWS FOR DIAMOND FACE SHAPE: Goal: to soften the whole face and makes the widest portion less wide Solution: a curved eyebrows shape. Its curves will soften the angled face and “reduce” the widest part of the face temples This article is from this website http://permanentpretty.wordpress.com

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