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Anatomy of Facial Bones

Thank God for the human skin on our faces because without it our faces would consist of just bloody tissue and bones.
The facial skeleton, splanchnocranium or viscerocranium consists of a part of the skull that is derived from branchial arches. The facial bones are the bones of the anterior and lower skull. The other, dorsal part of the skull is the neurocranium. For the human skull, most sources include at least these fourteen bones in their lists of facial bones: Inferior nasal concha Lacrimal bones Mandible Maxilla Nasal bones Palatine bones Vomer Zygomatic bones The hyoid bone is sometimes included, and sometimes excluded. The ethmoid bone (or a part of it) is sometimes included, but otherwise considered part of the neurocranium; the same is the case with the sphenoid bone. Some sources describe the maxilla's left and right parts as two bones. Likewise, the palatine bone is also sometimes described as two bones.