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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Give 'em Face

The Human Face, nature's masterpiece, so many dimensions of beauty from the sparkling eyes, the protruding shaped nose, the defined lips, and the facial shape. There is so much to a human face it is divine to the beholder the first place of expression to the human eye. Below Lyd Hugrass's face displays the many dimensions of facial beauty.
An Assortment of Beautiful Faces from around the world.

The 5 Shades of Facial Beauty

1st Shade - Facial Beauty is defined by an electric eye, the facial feature that clearly speaks volumes without saying a single word. The Eyes were voted to be the most alluring facial feature of all. Below, Austin Bennett-Lalonde, a perfect model for the electric eye.
2nd Shade - The Skin is the building block of beauty it radiates health. Vivid Skin color and Unblemished skin enhance the beauty of the overall face.
3rd Shade - Nothing beats a great pair of eyebrows, literally they frame the eyes.
4th Shade - They say that symmetry is the best indicator of facial beauty.
5th Shade - Last but not least, it is your facial features that make your face attractive, the harmony of all your feature working together on your face. Here are some of the prettiest faces from around the world.

Face of the Week

Idris Alba
Photo Credit: Detail Magazine

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Archetype of Eyes

We present to you SOME of the most beautiful eyes known to mankind we refer to as "The archetype of Eyes" coming soon to our official site we will revisit this topic once again featuring the World's most beautiful eyes. Who will make the cut well you will have to wait and see -
THESE FACES APPEAR HERE IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER. All photographs are property of their respective owners are here for visual representation only. Photo Credits:Esther Havens, Simon Liste, Steve McCurry, & Tibo Norman Photography.