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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prominent Foreheads

Prominent foreheads or High foreheads are quit common on the human face where the width of the face is longer at the forehead.
Here are some examples of faces where the forehead is prominent.

Thin Lips

With Thin lips the skin that shapes the lips has less fat to plump the lips so results into a thinner smaller lip. Thin lips are common throughout the world in the Caucasian race as well as others.
Here are examples of thin lips or small lips

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Faces with Green Eyes

The Green Eye more coveted and piercing than the blue eye. The are like green emeralds sparkling in the sunlight
Green eyes are common throughout the nations of the world but highly visible within the Caucasian race of people where light eyes are dominant. Here are some of the prettiest green eyes from around the world:

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes known as the Asian eye Monolid or mono eyelid is a single eyelid one of the most unique eye shapes it defines the asians from any other nations of people.
The Monolid eyeshape is unique common among the asian race.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Faces with Defined Eye Colors

The Human Eye is the most alluring of all facial features, they convey emotion, depth, and beauty. They are the windows to the soul. Here are some of the most defined eye colors
The Dark Eye
The Blue Eye
The Green Eye
The Hazel Eye
The Gold eye
The Gray eye

Perfect Celebrity Eyebrows

Proponents of perfect eyebrows they give the eye mystery whether thick, bushy or pencil thin they exudes a raw sex appeal, and act as a frame to the eyes.
Brooke Shields has the most eye-conic eyesbrows in the world - thick, bushy, and full.
Marlene Dietrich known for her bedroom eyes and thinly penciled arched brows.
Camilla Belle's eyebrow are truly a stand out framing her defined eye color.
Eduardo Verástegui known for striking handsome face with thick wild eyebrows.