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Monday, September 1, 2014

Facial Beauty Marks (Moles)

In the 1950s and 60s and currently today, a facial mole was known as a "beauty mark" when it appeared in certain spots on a woman's face. Facial moles are formed on the face due to a build up of melanin on the face concentrated in a certain area, genetics, or constant exposure to the sun, however these tiny or large marking have served as a symbol of beauty on certain faces.
Know for her breathtaking beauty, Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most beautiful woman in the world was known for her exquisite eyes and beauty mole.
Known as the sex symbol of the world, Marilyn Munroe, also had a iconic mole on her face.
Known as the supermodel of the world, Cindy Crawford, was set apart from other models due to her facial model.
Here are some other well known faces that possess beauty marks or moles.
Famous Academy Award Winning Actor (Above) Robert Deniro's give his face a distinctiveness and character apart from his overall facial attractiveness.

The Complex Asian Face.

We examine the complex faces of the Asian from China to Malaysia and everywhere in between. It is no denying the beauty of the Asian face - monolid eyelids, wide faces some heart shaped, porcelain skin, delicate chins, small to wide noses, stunning exotic features, and extraordinary culture.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eye -Conic Eyes.

The eyes are the strongest emotion conveyor of the entire face they project deep emotion whether sadness or empathy, deep interest, sensuality, innocence, or project a certain flirtatious nature. The pigmentation of the iris varies from light brown to black, depending on the concentration of melanin in the iris pigment epithelium (located on the back of the iris), the melanin content within the iris stroma (located at the front of the iris), and the cellular density of the stroma. The appearance of blue, green, as well as hazel eyes results from the Rayleigh scattering of light in the stroma, a phenomenon similar to that which accounts for the blueness of the sky. Neither blue nor green pigments are ever present in the human iris or ocular fluid. Eye color is thus an instance of structural color and varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-colored eyes. Below are SOME of the most Eye-conic eyes

Faces with Freckles

A slight imperfection some would say but I disagree because it gives the face a distinct factor or lively decoration like the sensation of connect the dots known as freckles are predominantly found on the face, although they may appear on any skin exposed to the sun, such as arms or shoulders
FACT: Freckles can be found on anyone no matter their genetic background, although, freckles are more common on light skin. Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion.