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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eurocentric Beauty Standards Globally

Eurocentric Beauty Standards Globally
If your beautiful your beautiful says many, however we all know that when it comes to facial beauty for everyone it falls under Eurocentric Beauty Standards. The beauty stan­dard in most west­ern soci­eties has been an over­all slim, Cau­casian woman with light eyes and long straight hair. Although beauty stan­dards vary sig­nif­i­cantly in dif­fer­ent cul­tures around the world, they have adopted the eurocentric beauty ideals from the pre­dom­i­nant white soci­ety to a great extent. Look around you at the magazines or even the media suggests that certain physical attributes make a person more beautiful and these are all characteristics of white people. Certain body proportions, skin color and hair texture plays a part in this discussion to. I conducted a case study of how Eurocentric views on beauty have affected with 3 individuals, I will not mention their names but will refer to them as lady number 1,2, and 3. Here are their stories ----- Lady 1 - A black woman (age 34)...Born and Raised in the Dallas Texas USA was repeatedly picked on with people making rude remarks about hair being kinky not straight and her skin color being dark was a major issue leaving her feeling that she is not pretty at all because she couldn't conform to the Eurocentric ideal beauty. Her relationships suffered as well with black men who wanted her for sexual relations only then left her for white women and then talked about her with them behind her back. She identified that as a child her mother always made her feel that she was ugly, always straightening her hair telling her that she wasn't as pretty as the light skinned girls in her neighborhood. Lady 2 - Indian woman (age 40)....Born and raised in Mumbai India was repeatedly picked on by her relatives because she wasn't light enough in skin color to get a mate, the men always looked over her. She said, "that in India people prefer the light skinned Indians with light eyes over the darker ones, the darker ones are consider least attractive." She was nicknamed Dark Horse and now at 40 she never married. Lady 3 - Asian Woman (age 22)....Born and raised in China was repeatedly picked on for not being pretty while all her friends went to get eyelid surgery she rejected the thought. In Asia where a lot of plastic is done yearly she wanted to remain the same with the same eyelids she was born with not the Eurocentric idea of western eyelid that are considered beautiful in Asia. She says, "The media makes her sad the images they portray make her feel ugly." My advice to all of them is to learn to love themselves, discover who they are and never let anyone notion of what beauty is affect them. All women are unique, they just have to discover it. © All rights reserved to the text in this article.

The 4 Pillars of Timeless Facial Beauty.

These FACES possess the 4 Pillars of Timeless Facial Beauty.
Clarity of Skin
Symmetry (1.618)
Harmony of Facial Features
Vivid Skin color

The Face of Kim Kardashian

Let's face it Kim Kardashian face is pretty symmetrical as well as beautiful, her features are in perfect harmony and is stunning without any makeup at all.

Perfect Face Models

Perfect Face Models - Male and Female.
1. Symmetry 1.618 both sides of the face. 2. Clarity of the Skin (unblemished skin) 3. Harmony of facial features on the face 4. Vivid skin color

The Facial beauty of Anais Mali.

Anais Mali's beautiful Face possesses the 4 attributes of timeless facial beauty: Symmetry, Clarity of Skin, Harmony of features, and vivid skin color.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Face of Adriana Fonseca.

The Exotic beauty of Adriana Fonseca's face possess the 4 attributes of facial beauty: Clarity, Symmetry, Harmony of features, and vivid skin color.