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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Most Beautiful Girls in the World

The votes are in for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD, these ingenues received over 90% of the votes worldwide, they are undeniably gorgeous from head to toe, they possess the Doll-like presence with universal beauty. Their earth shattering beauty sets them a cut above the rest. Without further ado * drum roll please.. Here are the most beautiful girls in the world (35 and under) featured in NO SPECIFIC ORDER.
Johanna from Sweden - Best Facial Features: Eyes, nose, and lips
Nadia from Morocco - Best Facial Features: Eyes and Lips
Jovita from India - Best Facial Features: Eyes, nose, and lips
Vashtiy from Israel - Best Facial Features: Cafe au Lait skin, eyes, nose and lips.
Carli from the USA - Best Facial Features: Eyes and Lips
Yvonne from Nigeria - Best Facial features: Mahogany skin and eyes
Ieva from Lithuania - Best Facial Features: Porcelain skin and lips
Jennifer from Asia - Best Facial Features: Porcelain skin and monolid eyes
The complete list will be available on WWW.THEPERFECTHUMANFACE.COM - All photographs are property of their respective owners unless otherwise noted.

The Perfect Human Face presents Louis Allen III

If the term "Masculine Perfection" had a face then Louis Allen III would have definitely been one of them. At first glance, he is rudgly handsome with chiseled features, smooth pecan colored skin, green hazel eyes, and a muscular physique to die for. Calling him just handsome is an understatement just yesterday a lady referred to him as a Greek God but to us he is perfection. His face possesses the attributes of timeless facial beauty: Symmetry, Clarity of Skin, Harmony of facial features, and Vivid Skin color. All Photos courtesy of Tibo Norman Photography.
His facial features are beyond gorgeous, sparking eyes, broad jawline, chiseled nose, thick prominent eyebrows, and full lips.
This model-actor-athlete from New Jersey USA has caused women jaws to drop in awe of his physique which requires countless hours in the Gym. To learn more visit his official site -